Jose Centeno

Well I am a 29 year old professional living in the Washington D.C area. I actually graduated with a degree in Business Communications from West Virginia University. I am a very motivated and goal oriented person, however, I am also a very adventurous and spontaneous person that loves to live life one day at a time.

I totally believe that in order to be happy with yourself then you must not be afraid to take a risk from time to time and live life with no regrets and that is what I try to do with each day. I am the type of person that loves fitness and staying fit. I also love to travel, going to sporting events (love sports), road trips, concerts, snowboarding, surfing and will do just about anything once.

My friends would tell you that I have always been the type of person that has always been loyal and trusting, but I am also the type of guy that can be serious and demanding when I have a particular goal that I am trying to achieve. With all that being said, I am just a fun-loving guy that likes to work hard but play hard. I am the type of man that you would have a great time with and lucky to get to know...