J.C. Howard

Public Speaker, Writer, and Editor in Oakland, California

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I am J.C. Why? Because if you "Google" my proper name you get a dead Senator from the 1800's. I talk. I write. I say funny stuff. Podcaster, Writer, Observer and Participant in Life! Soaking up knowledge, paying dues, and learning how to go further and higher are my daily goals. I am an aspiring pro-wrestling play-by-play commentator and can be found working with All Pro Wrestling and Gold Rush Pro Wrestling on their social media staff. I write for online pro-wrestling blog, Social Suplex founded by Jeremy Donovan. I am also a First Voice Media Apprenice with 94.1 FM KPFA in Berkeley, Ca. where I am learning and honing my craft as it relates to radio production! That Just Happened.

  • Work
    • Producer & Talent
  • Education
    • Patten University
    • Gonzaga University