Jitendra Chauhan

Vision: Ardent about the contemporary vogue in gentleman's dressing, prophesy to have imprinted JADE BLUE across the Globe.

Success Statement: “You only can play your role, better.”

Inspired By: “Be Good. Do Good.” Swami Sivanand.

Believe in: “Treadmill leaves you with only an option of walking and that too with speed. Walk fast.”

Truth in my life: “Relying on my gut feeling.”

Never to forget: "Every task is God’s Assignment, if one is not doing it today, somebody else will do it tomorrow.”

Keeping in mind: “Listen to every corner, as you may get right idea from any of them.”

Modern Mantra: “Meeting is not always required, many a times solutions are just a phone call away, and most of the day-to-day issues takes just few seconds to solve.”

Spiritual belief: “Failure is also a result! The result of our ignorance in preparations, keep faith as you can do it and you have attempted it. Prepare again and attempt it, this time the result will be different.”