Janet Maguire

Brisbane, Queensland

I am very fortunate to be living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and am grateful everyday to be living in a free and beautiful country with an abundance of opportunity :) I am an Independent Business Owner in ACN, a network marketing company and have been for about 2 years. One day I came across Mark J’s website Go90Grow and just loved the easy going manner he uses to pique people rejection free, and of course love his passion for life! And here I am – so excited and over the moon to be a part of this amazing Scholarship. I have never blogged or tweeted before so sometimes it seems a bit daunting – however I am over-ruling my subconscious and my new blueprint says its doable! . My parents migrated to Australia in the early 1950′s from a little town outside of Venice called Treviso. I have been back to Italy several times to see family but mostly because it feels so much like ” home” – all the noise, the smells,the food, the passionate discussions happening everywhere and all at once! I love the passion! That’s how life should be lived – full of vim and vigour !

Keep growing :)

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    • Independent Business Owner, ACN