Jonathan Cote

I'm John, and I'm a 3d artist. I am competent in all areas of 3d production including modeling, texture mapping, lighting, rigging, and animation. My specialty however, lies in 3d modeling. Modeling is one of the things that I truly love doing. I can get an idea in my head, or a concept on paper, then a few minutes later, I've created this thing that never existed before. It's a remarkable feeling. It's a feeling that I want to have every day. That's the main reason I want to work as a 3d modeler.

There is another reason I want to work as a 3d modeler, and that is my love for video games. A great game is an incredible thing. Video games are an art form. A great work of art isn't just something that's well crafted. A great work of art connects to its audience on an emotional level. The video game is truly the first medium the world has seen that has the potential to connect with its audience on an entirely different level. Amazing games are not simply viewed or felt. They are experienced. The best video game has a much more profound impact on its audience than the best painting, the best film, or the best song.

I want to be a part of that. I think most people share a common goal in life; to be significant. To me, working on video games is my path to significance.