Jhoel Cuellar

My brother is Jairo Cuellar. He is from Bolivia-Santa Cruz. He is 19 years old. He lives in Bolivia with my grandmother.

He is tall, he has black hair, he has dark eyes and he is very handsome. He has got a very nice girlfriend, she is Alejandra. Alejandra is from Bolivia and she is very friendly.

He likes football, tennis and volleyball, but he is good only at football. He likes to play volleyball in the beach, because the sand is soft. He plays football in a team called Oriente Petrolero. He plays every weekend and he marks a lot of goals. His favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. He also likes music and dance. His favourite music is bachata, tipical from Bolivia. He dances bachata very well. He goes to the disco every saturday.

His favourite food is pasta with tomato and cheese.

In Bolivia he studies to go to the university, but he isn't a very good student. He wants to study economy. He isn't working now, but he wants to work in a clothes shop.