James Davis II

Director James Davis II also known as "JD2″ a 22 year old filmmaker, who lives his life by visuals. James got his start in film/tv when he was only 11 years old, working as a cable wrangler in his churches media department. Once he was old enough to operate camera, he realized that's what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

He continued to pursue his goals in high school at Willamsville East High School in Buffalo, New York, where he took TV courses and classes to better his editing and overall style. Once graduating from high school, James went directly to art school to study film. He later left art school after a 13 month run, and started his new college career at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. This is where James found all of his motivation, and ambition to continue to chase after his dreams.
James has then graduated from Full Sail University, where he worked with other talented students to make commercials, short films and music videos. Attending Full Sail readies students including James for the film industry, and prepares them for long, sleepless schedules. Also while working with fellow classmates, he is able to network with them and others in the field.
James's expertise is shooting and editing music video, and that's where his heart is .While James is still young in the industry, he has worked with talented up and coming artist, such as Michael S., De-Capo Music Group, Scooter Brock, Lombardo, Chae Hawk and many more. James is working hard to work with bigger well-known artist, but loves to work with up and comings as well.

James has lived and traveled up and down the northeast filming and living his dreams. James now resides in Los Angeles, California and possess a Bachelor of Science Degree in Film.