John Adams

I am the happily married spouse to the fabulous Arty McGoo (GOOGLE IT!) and an uber-guru when it comes to marketing and promotions.

I'm a 15+ year vet in music marketing, radio production & marketing and sports marketing and I LOVE my job! There's a bit of travel, a lot of music, a ton of sports and a healthy helping of personal interaction to what I do. Here's the link to The Score on Twitter (That's where I work) @thescoremktg.

I am an enormous fan of radio (in all forms), social networking, and my fantasy football team.

As the father of 3, I should get billing as part time chauffeur, taking my kids to school events, practices, games, and church functions.

If you find me via SM, you better enjoy parental gloating, sports posts touting LA teams and my ASU Sun Devils.... and I'm a Fantasy Football Guru, so I'm always answering questions and chatting about the game.

If you want to know about my personal beliefs or my church, check out