Jack Davin

Hallo, und Wilkommen! I'm Jack, and although I don't know who you are, I'm hoping I will before you leave.

In case you want to know who I am, I'm a programmer and a thinker. I used to play the euphonium My free time is spent fabricating strange solutions to strange problems. I'm learning French in school, and German on my own. I'm driven to my knees by the wonders of the universe, and every day I find something I'm amazed I could live without knowing. I am extremely interested in Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics, and Aerospace Engineering (Space!). Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking are inspirations.

Before you leave!

1. Teach me something.

2. Learn something.

3. Laugh. Twice (because once is not enough)

You'll find complimentary coffee at the door, and if you pick up a Higgs-Boson out of the carpet at any time, let me know.