Joseph Carey

Joseph Carey is a 31-year-old musician living in Los Angeles, CA. In his youth, Joseph’s passion for music began as he watched his siblings master the piano and drums. He wanted to develop chops of his own, so he took up a variety of instruments over the years, looking for the best fit. Interestingly, they all fit! Joseph’s love for music prevented him from discriminating, and he began sitting in with bands of various styles. From rock to metal, from Latin jazz to orchestral, he found a place wherever he played. Joseph has played live performances at iconic venues such as The Whiskey, The Roxy and El Rey Theatre, as well as Disneyworld and the Rosebowl. He currently attends Berklee College of Music and is obtaining a Masters Certificate in Orchestration for Film & Television. It is his dream to score for independent and mainstream film, as well as the television industry.