Jeremy DeMerchant

Founder & CEO in Fredericton, NB, Canada

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The act of selling has already been second nature to Jeremy DeMerchant. Having work in sales for nearly two decades, he has developed a language and a library of techniques that have helped him to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for multiple businesses throughout his career. With experience in the financial and education sectors, working with the two largest financial institutions in Canada and one of the largest private post-secondary educational institutions worldwide, Jeremy launched Permission To Sell in October of 2014 as a coaching and consulting business geared towards educating entrepreneurs, coaches, and salespeople on how to better sell, serve, and convert their prospective clients. Jeremy teaches the process of selling from start to finish to ensure that his clients attract new prospects and then instill the proper value needed to close the sale and follow through on their promises. His expertise spans from product creation, pricing, conversations, and big ticket sales.

Since the creation of Permission To Sell in 2014 Jeremy has not only become an international best selling author, he’s also worked with business people across the globe. His travels and interactions have developed working relationships with some of the top entrepreneurs and experts in the coaching industry and has helped to guide his clients to increase their networks and influence as well as connect with individuals and programs that can help build their own businesses.

As an advocate for volunteerism, Jeremy has not only found passion in business sales but also in fundraising and philanthropy for both local and national charities. He holds community and family values that have helped him develop a very heart-centred style of teaching - putting not only his client’s business needs but also their motivation and mindset needs at the forefront.

Jeremy can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter but can also be contacted via email at [email protected] Please feel free to contact him if you have any inquiries or visit for information on the products and services available.

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