Innocent Okotie


Innocent A. Okotie (JDHill) was born in southern Nigeria on the 14 Oct. 1982, raised in Sapele town and attended Ufoma Grammar School Academy. At his tender age of 9 he was already singing hence his academy teacher and music mentors inspired him to go into music performing. He used to sing at home, in the street, and always at his academy premises, and back of his father plantation garden. Also, being a chorister in church build in him the potential that saw him a lead singer in his choir. His love for the act made him to venture into music professionally in the year 2003.

JDHill started on his music pursue with his first group by name Little Players in his birth town in 1996 but couldn’t work it to limelight, he then join a group named the SEED, in the year 2003 in a neighboring country Togo, in West Africa were his act of performance brought him to limelight with fame. His quest to explore more opportunities and showcase his multi-talent, made him to go solo in the year 2006. JDHill, a master composer/song writer and singer, often associated with music that can be described as spiritual, inspirational and edifying with motivating and exciting performance to be delivered, complete his first single Debut Album D’Amour, for the release and showcasing of his talent.

He is also the founder and CEO of a Ragime Record, an independent entertainment outfit.

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