Joe Diels

"Just Your Average Joe" Born and raised in Kansas City, MO just a down to earth, good hearted man with not-so-average qualities that make me very adept and qualified to be in most any situation that life may throw my way. Live by a few core tenets: Only worry about what you can control... Hope for the best, Plan for the worst... Yesterday don't mean shit, tommorw is the day ya gotta face - Pantera... Fools speak because they have to say something, wise men speak because they have something to say - Plato. Basically an open book that although seemingly harsh and/or callous at times, will give an honest answer to any questions despite popular opinion and prove to be the staunchest ally one may have or the bitterest of foes proving most formidable in life. All in all, just your regular blue collar guy that takes nothing for granted and although asks others for very little will give the shirt off my back to better those around me... provided its deserved ;-)