Jessica Doan

Atlanta, GA

I am best described as an enthusiastic, energetic, outgoing, passionate, and hardworking work horse, with an entrepreneurial spirit that cannot be tamed. I am currently taking a MASSIVE leap of faith and risk in changing careers, as I am now pursuing my true passion for business after realizing that the medical school route was not for me. Filled with hope and an insatiable desire to find my niche in the business field, I am immensely excited for what God has planned for me.

Forever a competitive, unstoppable force and life-long learner, I love tackling goals, be it individually or as part of a team. A blend of geek and jock, past achievements include graduating high school valedictorian and being nationally ranked as a cross country runner (as well as NCAA Division 1 athlete).

I am also repeatedly told I can negotiate and get along with anyone. I use my time management, interpersonal, multi-tasking, and fervor to produce the highest quality of work to continually succeed in all I do. On a side note, jokes are a well known passion of mine, and most are corny as all get out, along the lines of this: two peanuts were walking down a dark was assaulted.

  • Work
    • Sales and Marketing, PR, Promotional Ambassador
  • Education
    • B.S.-Elon University and Masters of Medical Science-Mercer University
    • Valedictorian