Jason Draizin

Director in New York

Jason Draizin

Director in New York

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Jason Draizin is an Entrepreneur, advertising professional, SEO guru and social media expert, Jason Draizin is also a real estate investor and empathetic business owner. His management success has permitted him to launch several moderately risky ventures specifically designed to ease the personal suffering of individuals coping with stressful situations.

Founder and CEO, Medical Cannabis Network/MarijuanaDoctors

2009– Present (5 years)Greater New York City Area

The medical marijuana marketplace is highly fragmented, with gravely ill patients seeking comfort and doctors who, although able to prescribe medical marijuana for pain relief, only able to circumspectly promote their services.

Enter Jason Draizin, entrepreneur and marketing professional, who, self-educated while caring for a long-suffering loved one, recognized the opportunity to bring technology, systematic processes and privacy to the medical cannabis market.

His creation, the website www.MarijuanDoctors.com, provides a secure portal for patients who qualify to select a physician and set an appointment with doctors who are willing to recommend marijuana as a treatment for their ailments. For doctors, the website also permits verification of patient eligibility, plus acceptance of referred patients, to discreetly increase their medical cannabis practice. The software application DeskDocMD which permits doctors to gather patient information and monitor medical cannabis dosage, usage and efficacy for individuals and the database population.

As of January 2014, there are more than 93,000 patients, more than 300 doctors and more than 500 clinics active in the database.

In addition to www.MarijuanDoctors.com, launched in 2009, Draizin has developed a network of three hundred domains providing resources to the medical cannabis market; collectively, they receive more than 1.5 million unique visitors each month.

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