James D. Robinson

New York

Before RRE, Jim co-founded InterVideo Response, an in-stadium touchscreen ordering startup that proved to be about ten years too early. He also worked at H&Q Venture Capital and JP Morgan & Co. Earlier, he founded IV Systems (Unix applications). He is a former NYC taxi driver.

Jim holds an MBA from Harvard and a combined degree in Computer Science & Business Administration from Antioch College. He is a Director of the Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT) and the New York City Partnership Investment Fund. Jim is also a father of four, an inventor, a CERT first-responder, and a dog person.

Jim's prior investments include Broadsoft (BSFT), Enpirion (Altera), GoldPocket/Wireless (Tandberg/Motricity), iCrossing (Hearst), Metapath (Marconi), Mixed Signals (Tektronix), Orchestria (Computer Associates), Red Brick (REDB), RevolutionMoney (American Express), Rubric (Broadbase), SmartPay (Ping An), SmarterKids (SKDS), Telocity (Hughes), Vastera (VAST), Vocera (VCRA), WeddingChannel (TheKnot.com), and Wisdomtree (WETF).

  • Work
    • RRE Ventures
  • Education
    • Harvard Business School
    • Antioch