Jason Rogers

My family makes all that I do possible. My wife Kristina is there for me so I can help others in need. We are a team and best friends. My children are an inspiration and my chance to do it all over again. My daughter Makayla is an aspiring artist and socialite. She is blessed with beauty and lives a carefree laidback lifestyle. My son Cameron is the definition of athlete. His competitive nature and soft heart makes him one unique individual. The trio my family keeps me laughing and grounded with their sarcasm. Professionally I am the Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security in Muncie/Delaware County, Indiana. I have served as a Muncie Police Officer and Detective. Having been a member of the SWAT team for the City of Muncie and the Delaware County Sheriff over the past 10 years has provided me a front row seat to the greatest show on earth. I also continue to serve as a Police Investigator and a SWAT Medic to local departments. I am a honor graduate of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (Class 99-138) and served as a Course Trainer to Class 00-140. I attended Methodist Hospital of Indianapolis Paramedic Training Program in 1994 and became a Nationally Registered Paramedic in 1995 and continue to hold my certification today. I started my professional emergency responder career in 1993 with Delaware County. During my tenure with EMS and the police department I was able to visit disaster affected areas such as the Oklahoma City bombing site and the World Trade Center after the 9-11 attacks. I hold many certifications from FEMA and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security including the titles of adult education trainer, field training officer, planning chief, and many others. I participate in the Disaster Task Force in Indiana District 6 as the Executive Officer to the Commander and function as the XO Forward Deployed / Strike Team Leader during activations. I have been answering emergency calls my entire adult life and strive to help others in need. I have received the "Hero of the Heartland", FOP "Medal of Valor", "Grace In Time of Need" and "Healthcare Hero" awards. My family makes all this possible and keeps me going and I have them to thank for their understanding and willingness to give me up for the good of others.