J.D. Smith

I am a Indie Music Artist. in Athens Georgia, USA. Just released an E.P Called "Conscious Earth" The most important song on the E.P. Is "IN The Dark" (A Song For Battered Women) My music has a cause, and I am raising money for a battered womens' shelter in Athens Georgia. I am a Domestic Violence survivor that has a passion to help other women break away from abuse and start a new life!. My music is now on iTunes and all over the WEB. Just by Googling J.D. Smith Conscious Earth you will find more info on me. My web address is http://www.jdsmith-music.com and you can sample my songs on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/conscious-earth/id445966829 Every download benefits battered women! Please spread the word and help me make "IN THE DARK" song a NATIONAL SONG FOR BATTERED WOMEN!