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You're about to see is one of the many reasons that I agreed to do this show today in fact I said we had to do this show tell you the truth it's brutal it’s bloody is just a typical day in the life this teenage girl take a look on the a 15-year-old Danielle was so proud at that particular beat down that she posted on her Face book page then yells at Kristen wrote to me very concerned about her niece's bad behavior which she says started at the age of 8 when she says that she set the house on fire and then days later tried to light the dog on fire by 12 years old she attempted to poison the family by putting floor cleaner in their Zen Cleanse soda and well in fact it's gone downhill from there Danielle is a hundred percent outtacontrol my way and way beyond unpredictable I have a really hard time getting people I’d rather confront someone can was problems even if it turns into a fight by and we'll have punched holes in the wall kicked in doors this is where.