Jeanet Maduro de Polanco

Academic and Writer in Italy

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Jeanet Maduro de Polanco is an author and academic with a robust career in both fields. She lives in Italy and continues to grow as a historian, thanks to her deep appreciation of the historical contexts that she grew up in.

Jeanet Maduro de Polanco supplements her studies by writing non-fiction, which allows her to continue to consider aspects of History she wouldn't have thought of on the first pass. She is grateful for the opportunities she has been given and plans to share her success in any way she can.

For further growth and knowledge, Jeanet's passion for History evolved and expanded into an appreciation for philosophy. A natural progression, understanding the events of the past goes hand-in-hand with knowledge of the great minds of an era and their beliefs. What's more, learning philosophy is a fantastic way to better analyze the world around us, and the world created before our time.

To foster her love for History and philosophy and to encourage others to learn more about the past, Jeanet pursued a career as a history writer. She received her Bachelor's degree in both the Classics and History. A few years later, she obtained her Master's degree in History. Now, Jeanet Maduro de Polanco is working to obtain her Ph.D. in the subject, hoping to forever learn about the events of the past for the entirety of her career.