Jeanette Lemmergaard

Jeanette Lemmergaard holds a PhD in social sciences from University of Southern Denmark from 2003, in which she examined the interrelationship between ethical climate, psychological climate and attitude towards hiring ethnic minorities in large organizations.

In 2008, she joined the Department of Marketing & Management, University of Southern Denmark as Associate Professor in HRM and Internal Communication. Her research interests are in strategic human resource management, dysfunctional leadership, diversity and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Jeanette is the founder of share2know; an interactive benchmarking portal for HRM knowledge-sharing. She is founding member of CEDIS – Center for Diversity Strategies, and she is a frequent speaker at professional seminars on issues related to organizations’ human resources.

Examples of Published Work:

  • Lemmergaard, J & Muhr, SL (2011), 'Everybody Hurts, Sometimes: Emotions and Dysfunctional Leadership', European Journal of International Management, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 1-12.
  • Lemmergaard, J (2009), 'HR's strategic panacea: A Danish study of successful HR integration as business partner', Human Resource Management International Digest, vol. 17, nr. 3, pp. 29-31.
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