Jeanette Allen

Disabled in Detroit, Michigan

Let me please say i am not looking for a job! The system wont let me go further without choosing something but i am not looking for a job. Today is a new day that I will cherish forever..... I do this with all my days! I'm in my 11th year dealing with kidney issues and in June of 2004 I was diagnosed with Renal Failure. I am currently 51 year of age and a mother of three adult girls and at the time I was raising two of my girls on my own they were in 4th and 5th grades then.This illness came with out warnings some people have pre-warnings but I did not and even though my mom had passed way from complication of having Renal Failure due to diabetes and high blood pressure I never thought that it could happen to me! I did not take the time out to educate myself on my mother's illness........such a big mistake! See, high blood pressure is a pre warning, IF you are walking around with it high every day and not taking your meds for it like you should then yeah this could happen to you also. Sometimes a hard head makes a soft butt and in my case it gave me Renal Failure. I would go on to do 4 and half years of dialysis with lots of hospital stays and leaving my babies to fend for themselves and lots of surgery in between for one thing or another and as of today I have had 34 surgeries in 9 years of some sort pertaining to my illness. Yeah, it's been rough! In 2008, I received a transplant, and Halloween night 2012 started the grueling reality that my kidney was rejecting, doctors did everything they could to save it but to no avail. I started back on dialysis in Novemeber 2012 and I'm still currently doing so.My journey with this illness has not been easy for me but I remain grateful for life and for dialysis and my chance at having a transplant. I am not angry because I carry this illness, I wont lie. the first year I had it I was angry at the world but I now know and realize that had it not been me, it would be someone else so... why not me! What is real,is that this illness has no prejudice about itself, it will have anybody of any race, color, creed, size and shape it does't care, you can be pretty or ugly or be from any state or country it will take you you and you and yes you too! I advocate for kidney donations for the people who want a second chance and for those who need it. Think about this.... doing dialysis is a machine keeping a person alive and without that machine they will die! But with a transplant they wont need a machine, You have two kidney

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