Jean-François Im

I'm currently a software engineering undergrad at the École de Technologie Supérieure, the fourth largest Canadian engineering university. In my spare time, I'm involved with the S.O.N.I.A. project, which is a student research group working on AUVs(unmanned underwater robots). In the past, I've worked in the videogame industry on several games, such as the Mac version of Star Wars Battlefront, the Mac version of Myst 5:End of Ages, the PC version of MX versus ATV, the PC and Mac version of Cars as well as the PC version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance. I have also interned at Sun Microsystem Laboratories, working on tools for the SunSPOT project and the Squawk VM. Besides that, I enjoy videogames and building paper models, as well as learning new things, computer-related or not. I'm currently supposed to be learning Smalltalk and Fortress, as well as building simple electronic circuits and random specialized videogame peripherals. At the moment, I'm reading a lot on psychology and neurosciences, which proved to be quite interesting topics. I also enjoy "geeking out" with other like-minded people, so if you're in the Montreal area, give me a shout. Other interests of mine include visual arts(mostly typography), cooking and east asian languages. Oh, and vim is way better than emacs.