Jean Henman

I help to run Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England. (LRRSE) My passion is Labradors though I love all dogs & animals. I detest all kinds of cruelty to animals. I especially loath puppy farms, back street breeders, selling animals for Pet shops & bad ownership. We rescue Labradors from the UK & the Irish pounds where the situation is horrendous. We take in sick & injured dogs & nurse them back to health. Our dream is one day to have a rescue centre for Labradors where the oldies can live out their remaining years in peace, plus have our own trainer on hand to teach naughty Labradors some manners! We as a charity support responsible dog owner ship, insuring your dog, & most of all compulsory microchipping of all dogs. Welcome to my page I hope you enjoy reading about some of our special dogs.