C J Grobben

Consultant in Arnhem, Nederland

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Well my name is Jeanine,

My live is a miracle, am planning to share it online, because people need us people, stand up and u sing dont worry be happy!

Il do this since i've been born! Nope i do not on dead!

Just refuse to much to do.

So since i wrote Maxima Alexsander en other people,, it seems that i with a muscle glycogeen Disease, with is one in a million.

Yes not a lot of knowlidge. So am gonne try to keep u informed,because am as in THE NET Movie, am slowly loosing and rade away.

Yeah shit happend, i had a great life being a DJ in Amsterdam. Oh my life is still swinging, so we keep going !

Am broke refusd by healthcare my best male healthcare taker took my money and a big criminal organisation so Huge, Police dono what to do.

Pls don't call anymore, ill get a sanction if i do call.

They don't now what to do.

Little bit strange, AND SO NOT ME !

But ill be patiance i Will win.

Tog. Morgen verder i love to go all THE way