JeanJacques Mbabuike

Pain Management in New York, NY

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JeanJacques Mbabuike is a highly accomplished medical doctor serving the greater New York City area in orthopedic pain management. After years of arduous schooling and specialized training, his journey has been colored by self-discipline, an unrelenting work ethic, and unwavering compassion for the people he encounters daily. He takes great pride in providing relief and reassurance as he delivers the best care based on his best training.

JeanJacques Mbabuike is a physician in New York City. His present practice focuses on chronic pain management and treatment, particularly severe arthritis. Dr. Mbabuike offers non-surgical treatments for orthopedic discomfort in the knees, shoulders, hips, back, and other areas. He observes patients over time and creates customized regimens based on their specific needs.

  • Education
    • NYU Grossman School of Medicine
    • City College of New York