Jean Michael Vissepo

Jean-Michael Vissepo is a South Florida based artist and educator from Puerto Rico. He is a member of the art collective Poncili Creación which has developed a unique form of making theater, without limits of expression. Experimenting with poetry, corporal movement, puppets, masks, music, shadows and others. He has been working with children all over the world for over 7 years teaching to children of all demographics. He has worked with children in the Autism Spectrum as well as children in a normal neurological development.
Jean-Michael has studied with Ecuadorian Ayurvedic and movement teacher Juan Del Hierro and with Sound and Frequency artist and healer Nini De La Torre, which uses ancient Tibetan quartz singing bowls techniques to target healing in parts of the body. He is currently taking classes under Louise Goldberg towards a certification to teach Yoga Therapy to Children with Autism and Special Needs. In his classes he intertwines these methods to create a unique experience of fun relaxation and body awareness. By mixing sound frequency, art and movement the student is able to gain control of the mind, develop fine and motor skills through art and learn new abilities, skills and methods of concentration.