Jean-Michel Grossetête

NICT companies owner and projects in Europe and the US.


MKT Lines / MKT Blog / MKT 900

MKT Game / Speakee

Global and multichannel digital agency services

R&D laboratory. Technology Watch and analyzes of digital market penetration.

Innovation hub that develops applications and softwares aimed at observation, analysis and technological development.

My company has maintained its reputation since 2004, consistently among the Top 10 Google hits for searches in our fields (hundreds of expressions representing billions of indexed pages) - As we are a Search Engine Expert supported by the French funding body OSEO and beneficiary of the Research Tax Credit


WebTrotteurs / Numeri+

The online successes I obtain for my clients and partners I also extend to me and some of my friends through other projects. Apart from demonstrating my know-how as an agency founder, It feeds my passion for digital economy and pure player models.


My other startups and projects are grouped in Berkeley (CA)

MyOptim / LiveOptim / StatOptim

YourTag / MoneySoon