Jeanne Heydecker

Chief Strategy Officer and Integrated Marketing Expert in Yangon Region, Myanmar (Burma)

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I am an integrated marketing expert currently living in Yangon, Myanmar and I am Founder and CEO of My interests range from entrepreneurship to technology. I am also interested in arts, travel, and design.

I have worked in leading marketing positions across sectors such as telecom, internet services, e-commerce, recruiting and startups. Throughout the years, I have opened new markets and added applications for existing products. My passion is to build effective, responsive and productive teams that maximize profits.

I executed the launch of the first unified messaging software that was sold to Nokia for US $56M in 1998. Their server was named Best of Show at the Spring '99 CTI Expo. I was instrumental in executing the launch of the world’s smallest closed loop motion control system that enabled hard drives to be formatted to 100,000 tracks per inch, which eventually sold to the GSI Group for US $54M. My latest major launch was introducing the world to the first entirely solar-powered mobile telecom & broadband internet network for India’s Shyam Telecom Group that now has systems deployed on 5 continents and has won several international awards.

I have been involved with trade shows ranging from 9 sqm to over 900 sqm on five continents. I have been an exhibitor, conference planner, speaker, designer, and travel and logistics manager. At Shyam, using best practices and proactive planning, I decreased the average cost per square meter from $1,863 to $431 by second year.

I am well versed in all things web. As a department of one, I designed, edited, and produced a series of 50+ web sites for a large public school district that won me a Webby Award. I cofounded my own web firm in Chicago and have built over 250 web sites.

At, email marketing was rebuilt, with a new list of characters going about their daily lives with story arcs building over a series of emails that increased open rates from 2% to 28% in 6 months. Launched a companion blog that increased click-throughs from 6,000 per week to over 80,000.

I have hired & trained many online marketing teams focused on internet marketing, traffic development and online sales conversion, taking dotcoms to 16 million page views per day, even while reducing staffing by half. became comScore's 8th fastest gaining property by December 2007 and we had reached 4th by February 2008.

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  • Education
    • School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Sir J. J. College of Architecture
    • Boston Architectural College
    • Bridgewater State University