jeannie zelos

Artist, book reviewer, and poduct reviewer in England, United Kingdom

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I'm an avid reader, love my kindle, tech came at the right time for me as due to eye issues I can't read "traditional" books. My 2,000+ collection has finally gone to friends and charity shops. I read 6-12 hours daily : ) I review mainly contemporary, erotic and paranormal romance books though dystopian and urban fantasy also appeal. I don't accept money for reviews, simply a free ebook or product. I'm always honest so be prepared, acceptance of your book doesn't mean a 4 or 5 star review! I select genres simply because i can't review books properly that I know I won't enjoy, and that would be unfair to both you and me. I'm currently rated around the 350 mark on for my reviews.

I review products so you can read my honest opinions. Some things I've bought but the majority are products I've been given free for review purposes.Please note:If a product merits five stars it gets it, but I review honestly and if there are issues I mention them and my rating reflects that. I will contact first if product appears faulty. It happens and I don't want to rate unfairly. I do live in UK so while I can add reviews to Amazon com, Italy, Canada etc I cannot order from them but need review products to be sent direct to my home.

About me: Interests: family, reading, horses, pets, wildlife, gardening, growing food, environment, painting in all media, tablets/ pc's and internet, music, - I love all of these and am happy to review connected products but activities are controlled by my disability, I'm an amputee wheelchair user, so while I test many products myself I also rope in family, friends and grandkids when necessary and base reviews on what they think of a product.