Jean Richard Charbit


Jean Richard Charbit is an entertainment executive with more than three decades of experience. Since 1981, he has served as executive producer and CEO of Great Entertainment, Inc., where he has contributed to movies such as Fatal Pulse, as well as various comedies, and created the Emergency Urgency how-to videos series. From 1997 to 2002, Jean Richard Charbit also worked as a financial consultant for Baltia Airlines, a carrier offering nonstop international flights between New York and Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Apart from his professional pursuits, Mr. Charbit enjoys a diverse range of interests. An avid traveler, he goes skiing at Megeve and Val d'Isere, two of Europe’s premier slopes, and takes in the history and architecture of Florence and Rome, Italy. In several tours of Asia, Mr. Charbit has visited the Great Wall of China, the terra cotta warriors, and Tiananmen Square in Beijing, in addition to Macau’s 66-foot-tall Kun Iam Temple.

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    • Ceo at Great Entertainment,Inc
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    • University of law and Economics