Sr. Multimedia UI/UX/Interaction/Web/Mobile/Visual/Print/Graphic Designer and Developer
[Front-end Digital Designer/Developer with over 15 years experience]

» Works directly with clients during design and production phases (experienced in agency and startup environments)
» Solid experience in creating flows/maps, UI sketches, wireframes, style guides, prototypes
» Deep knowledge and experience when designing high impact, intuitively sound user interfaces for digital formats; websites, mobile applications, etc.
» Front-end coding with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Wordpress and JQuery - developing Responsive and Fluid layouts for cross browser support with backward compatibility
» Full range of styles and applications, with a hard emphasis on interface design (primarily web).
» Proficient in MAC and PC (fluent with Microsoft suite)
» Experience with agile development (scrum), able to work independently (and with teams) efficiently
» Driven to contribute with a punctual, professional and enthusiastic attitude (operating in a prima-donna free work zone)
» "Back of hand" knowledge of commonly-used web concepts, practices, and procedures
» Passionate about succeeding in the field of design and technology - keen on making a positive difference in the world
» Knowledge of printing technologies, including writing print specs and setting up print-ready files
» Strong analytical skills and the ability to meet tight deadlines are essential for a fast-paced environment