Jed Schmieder


My background as a Manufacturing Engineer (no degree) and Business Owner for (20 years) to Commercial Building Maintenance (CBM) (17 years) both inside and outside (Landscape and green area maintenance), has proven invaluable in my new pursuit of Property Mgr/Caretaker.

I have designed, procured all the components either through direct purchase or manufactured the pieces I needed to build a manufacturing plant that out performed all the competition in the U.S. I have owned 2 businesses one a Cellulose Insulation Manufacturing plant for 5 years and Building Maintenance/ Janitorial Service for 17 years. In the capacity of the Cellulose Plant Owner, I ran the operation from sales to manufacturing to shipping for for a total of 10 years I bought the company from my employer in my 5th year. We had 8 employees at that time. I then sold to a company in the Milwaukee area and this is where I designed and built the Cellulose Plant that ended up using only 2 employees and produced more product. The CBM business was 10-15 employees and I did everything from nightly office cleaning to lawn care, plumbing, electrical, troubleshoot HVAC, construction and remodeling etc.

I have raised chickens, lambs, pigs, goat and occasional beef steer. My vegetable garden was the size of a doubles tennis court with berries, grapes and assorted fruit trees I planted on the property. I did all the canning myself. 21 years experience.

I remodeled the whole farm house my self and am very capable of running most small farm equipment, most outdoor equipment and keeping them maintained. I am also capable of driving straight trucks cube or flat bed to 22 ft. Liftime experience.

I am a single, mature male seeking an estate, farm, orchard, RV park, resort, ranch caretaker postition with on site accomodations and a small wage. I am available 10/01/14. I can be contacted at [email protected] or by phone 920-904-5867.

Thank you for considering me for your position.

  • Work
    • Property Mgr,
  • Education
    • 2 years of College