Robb Chiarini

Chief Operating Officer in San Francisco, California

Robb Chiarini

Chief Operating Officer in San Francisco, California

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My least favorite subject, in this world, is talking about me.

I’d rather you ask about the entire Star Wars Expanded Universe (or Star Trek, if you are more of a warp speed than lightspeed/hyperspace person. I take my faster-than-light travel either way)... we can go down the rabbit hole of comics, movies and games and spend hours regaling.

If you’d like to stay more business-oriented instead, I’d be happy to discuss topics like:

- How to design and produce world-class events, programs or broadcast productions

- The challenges in developing internal businesses with nothing more than passion and influence

- Preparations for public speaking... from hosting conferences and panels to creating persuasive presentations for executives to standing on stage in front of a live audience and millions of viewers

- What is it like managing a team of one to oversight of four hundred volunteer staff members

Or, and I’d genuinely prefer, let’s chat about you and how I can help.

My take on a “rising tide lifts all boats” speaks not to the economy, rather, that the betterment of others enables the betterment of all. If making time for you to discuss connections, review business models and or provide insight or, simply, just someone to listen, makes a difference to your world, count me in.

All that said… you are likely here to learn something about me, so I will share a few things you would hear from anyone who has worked with, met or might know me by reputation:

- Arguably, one of the most passionate and energetic humans, ever

- Kind to a fault and dedicated to the success of others

- Impressive knowledge and competency across a multitude of business topics

- Incredibly accessible and ever-available

I have been extraordinarily fortunate, and equally grateful, with multiple once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and am ever-mindful to pay it forward. So if any of this sounds interesting, feel free to connect with me and let’s make some time to chat.

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