Jeevan Products


Established in 1988, JP Non Woven Fabrics is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Nonwoven . Our product portfolio ranges from embossed non woven fabrics to thermal bonded non woven fabrics besides needle punched fabrics and thermal bonded fabrics. However, we specialise in manufacturing an impressive range of embossed fabrics for a wide variety of applications.

Product Range :

Insulation (Sound/ Heat/ Thermal)
Medicated Bands
Automobiles Trims

Mission Statement:

We aim to provide our customers with the best quality products at the most reasonable rates, so that the customer can get the best value for money.

Manufacturing Process:

Our manufacturing process represents the cutting-edge in terms of technology. From blending of fibers to needle-punching through precision barbed needles for interlocking the fibers, the process is constantly monitored to control characteristics such as consistency of weight, thickness, etc. Our thermoforming process is ideal for creating complex three dimensional shapes, that are economical, accurate and versatile as well. We use the finest raw materials sourced from our office in Shanghai and China that are able to extract a high production output from our plant and equipments.


Innovation has been a core concern throughout our entire range of operations. We are constantly working at improving existing techniques of manufacturing as well as developing new ones to cater to the most demanding requirements of clients in a manner that is economical, productive and delivers consistency in quality standards.