Jeevan Jacob John

Grayson, GA

I am a blogger, a marketer, a networker, an experimenter, a learner and many more things.

Personal Experience

My personal experiences are my treasures. Throughout my life, I have had the oppurtunity to learn from different experiences, from church volunteering to my blogging experiences.


I began blogging in 2009 with Blogger as my platform. Back then, I was interested in just starting a website to help people gain insights on latest science and tech wonders.

As I progressed with my blogging career, I changed my niche to blogging. I wrote about blogging from a perspective of a student; I used my knowledge from my classes - such as my psychology and economics classes to help others understand what blogging was about, and help them to achieve success with their blogs.

After many bitter and sweet lessons, I shutdown my first blog In 2011.

After a few months, I started a new blog with a narrowed down version of my original niche. The blog, was named Blog Networking 101, reflecting upon its goal - to teach others about networking and marketing. After a while, I also added personal development to the list of niches.

My second blog was even more of a success than my first one. However, in September 2012, I decided to shut down that blog and take a vacation from blogging. The vacation lasted for almost an year.

After the long break of 11 months, I resumed blogging on Aug 2013. Right now, I am a writer at and several other sites.