Jessica Reyes


I'm jessica Reyes Mejia and I like to tell me Jessi.I was born on June 7,1991.I have 20 years, living in the municipality of Zinacantepec with my family with my dad my mom my brother and sometimes with my nephews.

I study Biotechnology Engineering in the UPVT.

I am a responsible person, very honest, friendly, funny, tender, but too angry, revelde, proud, aggressive and spiteful ...
I like living my life to the fullest in the company of my friends or people who are very important in my life.I am a good daughter, friend and sister....

I like meeting people but I am also very selective in choosing my friends, I enjoy going to parties, movies, shopping, dancing, but mostly being with my friends.I like dogs and riding horses,I have a fear of frogs and horror movies.

When I'm home I love listening to music especially alternative rock, talk to my mom or playing with my nephews, but I hate being alone, if I stay home alone I get very sad not why but I never liked to be alone.

"Live life to the fullest and say what they think or feel without fear of anything"