Jeff Andrew Hawks

Engineering Project Manager at Metal-Tech Partners in Beatrice, NE, United States

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Jeff Andrew Hawks, a trailblazer in engineering project management, has seamlessly integrated innovation and continuous learning into his career, with a particular focus on robotics, automation, and biomechanics. His work effectively bridges the gap between physiology and engineering mechanics.

Jeff currently leads significant projects in the field of robotic development, fabrication automation, and product design. His expertise is diverse, encompassing the creation of robotic arms for welding and material handling, as well as the design of advanced mechatronic systems to streamline the fabrication process. A key achievement in his career is the development of a hip sled prototype designed to aid Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients. This project has garnered significant attention from the research community.

Possessing both a Ph.D. and a Master's in Mechanical Engineering, his career is distinguished by a range of scholarly publications, book chapters, and patents. He is committed to the dissemination of knowledge, as evidenced by his role in teaching the senior capstone design course at the University Of Nebraska-Lincoln's Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department. Additionally, he has been instrumental in launching an interdisciplinary course in biomechanics for upper-level students.

Hawks's dedication to ongoing learning and development is particularly evident in his research in biomechanics and sports sciences, focusing on the creation of assistive devices for rehabilitation. He has collaborated extensively with the Nebraska Biomechanics Core Facility at the University of Nebraska-Omaha and the Nebraska Athletic Performance Laboratory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His passion for the field was further demonstrated in 2013 when he played a vital role in the host planning committee for the American Society of Biomechanics in Omaha, NE.

Beyond Jeff Hawks's professional achievements, he is notably involved in charitable activities, especially in supporting MS rehabilitation. He serves on the board of MS Forward, a nationally recognized gym for individuals with neurological conditions. Utilizing his professional insight and network, he dedicates his time and resources to the non-profit organization, enhancing its rehabilitation efforts. His commitment to community service extends beyond MS Forward, as he also supports Christian Heritage, reflecting his deep-seated belief in using his talents for the betterment of society.

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