Jeff Hanson

Having just graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies with a minor in Urban Studies I have found myself involved in a number of interesting projects.

Throughout my degree I was part of a number of hands on projects. For an Urban Sociology class I went to San Francisco and compared the social activities that took place to those in Calgary. I compiled my research in a sort of miniature thesis titled Navigating the City as a World of Strangers: An Analysis of Human Encounters in Social Space.

As part of a Transit Planning class I took I worked with a small group to create an Area Redevelopment Plan for the Glenmore Landing area with a focus on Transit Oriented Development. We had the opportunity to present our project to Calgary Transit.

My last school project was a Future plan for the communities of Triwood, Cambrian Heights, and Rosemont. Our group then presented our project to the communities in a public community meeting.

I am currently a board member of the Calgary Creative City Collaboration; which is a group dedicated to making the public spaces of Calgary more vibrant with various mediums of art through public installations and events. We are currently working on attaining status as a not-for-profit organization.