Jeff Neckonoff

Entertainer and DJ in Lawrence, New York

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* Student of Torah & Kabbalah

* DJ & Event Production Specialist

* Health & Fitness Fan. I work out at least five days a week, moderately. I prefer strength training with weights.

* Dog & Cat Fan, especially of my two pups, Gizmo & Millie

* Pesco-vegetarian

* Book Addict: Predominantly Non-Fiction based on Spirituality, Torah, Kabbalah, Philosophy and Mafia Biographies. The fiction I prefer is Science Fiction

* Most importantly, I am non-judgmental regarding the above...... as long as you share my goals of somehow making this world a better and kinder place. If you have your own path that accomplishes this, more power to you!

I exist to spread light and to help remove pain & suffering from this reality we exist in. I do so through the vessels of Torah & Kabbalah. One need not follow the same path as I do to be my friend. As long as you share the overall goal of wanting to make this world a warmer, a kinder, a less cruel, a loving and a better place, then that is enough for me.

Regarding what I do for a living, I've been in the in the DJ Event Planning industry since 1983. I personally officiate at about 175 events per year.

I'm married with two great kids. Always trying to have an attitude of gratitude! My mission in life is to be a positive, joy-spreading, glass-half-full, self-improving person, while enjoying the journey of life by trying to appreciate the good in every experience.

  • Work
    • Azamra DJ
  • Education
    • Canarsie High School
    • Baruch College