Jeffery Lennon

Retired Army in Carver, Massachusetts

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Jeffery Lennon's commitment to service extends beyond his military career, extending to his community involvement. He actively engaged with the Catholic Church for thirteen years, contributing to their community outreach and benevolent initiatives. This phase of Jeffery's life is a testament to his dedication to assisting others and his commitment to positively influencing his community.

A Boston native, Lennon's life is a testament to dedication and resilience. This retired serviceman has considerably impacted both military and law enforcement, fueled by unwavering commitment and service to his nation. Having spent over forty years in Plymouth, Jeffery now calls Carver, Massachusetts, his home, where his legacy of dedication to his career, hobbies, and community remains vividly evident.

Jeffery's life took a significant turn when he enlisted in the U.S. Army. His military service and law enforcement experience played instrumental roles in shaping him into a determined and disciplined individual. Throughout his service, he maintained an impressive track record, leading to a remarkable career whose effects are still perceptible in his life and accomplishments today.