Jeff Hawks

Engineering Project Manager in Beatrice, NE

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Besides his professional pursuits, Jeff Hawks is deeply committed to charitable causes, particularly aiding rehabilitation for MS patients. He plays a significant role on the board of MS Forward, a nationally recognized gym for patients with neurological diseases. He applies his professional expertise and network to contribute substantially to the organization. His involvement extends to actively donating time and resources and bringing innovative ideas to their rehabilitation programs. He also supports Christian Heritage, demonstrating a broad approach to community service.

His tenure at the Army Research Laboratories was a notable period in his career. He led various innovative projects in autonomous cooperative robot systems, computer vision applications, miniature surgical robotics, and more. These projects underscore his dedication to innovation and lifelong learning.

The principles driving his career are innovation and a passion for learning. He has consistently demonstrated his innovative spirit by developing advanced biomechanical devices and surgical aids. This passion is matched by his commitment to education, as seen in his academic endeavors and eagerness to mentor the next generation of engineers and scientists.

He plans to continue his groundbreaking work in robotics and biomechanics, aiming to make a significant impact in both his professional field and charitable initiatives. His goals reflect a dedication to advancing his expertise while applying it for the betterment of society, merging technical prowess with social responsibility.

Jeff stands as an exemplary figure in the engineering community. His career is a testament to technical excellence, academic achievement, and a solid commitment to societal well-being. As he continues to innovate in robotics and biomechanics, his legacy is set to inspire future generations of engineers and innovators.