Jeff Longtain

Business Consultant in United States

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Jeff Longtain is a business consultant who specializes in strategic initiatives and business development implementation. Alongside his team, JLL Consultants, Longain assists both newcomers and seasoned professionals in the many stages of entrepreneurship. As the Owner of JLL Consultants, Longtain is able to bring a unique perspective to each and every project the team contributes to. Although the business consulting group primarily specializes in startups and business development in the Health & Medical Industry, Longtain and his team are also open to consulting startups and ventures in other avenues.

Outside of his professional work, Jeff Longtain is an avid supporter of college football and college athletics in general. His fanaticism borders on advocacy, as he is passionate about supporting college athletes in any way that he can. He has participated in numerous nonprofit efforts that assist college-bound athletes in their development as students and future sports professionals. Longtain is a particularly big fan of the OSU Beavers, as well as their football and women’s lacrosse teams.