Jeff W. Murray

Author, Videogame Director, and VR Citizen in Canada

Jeff W. Murray

Author, Videogame Director, and VR Citizen in Canada

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I'm Jeff.

I love games. I make games.

I've written three published books: 'Building Virtual Reality with SteamVR and Unity', 'Game Development for iOS with Unity3d' and 'C# Game Programming Cookbook for Unity3d' both published by CRC Press.

In the past, I've worked with some of the worlds largest brands - Microsoft, Sony, Real Arcade, Hasbro, Lionsgate - as a Programmer, Game Designer and Game Director. Right now, I work for IBM Research in virtual reality. I'm probably there right now, lost in VR.

As someone who was in the arcades playing video games during the 1980s, you could say I like 'retro-gaming' although it doesn't seem retro if you were there the first time.

I took the picture used on this page on a warm day in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. It seemed like heaven to me, fields and trees as far as the eye could see and small, unused buildings like little time machines. The church and schoolhouse in the picture looked unchanged since they were last in use, but they were empty. Not even ghosts.

As I sat on the ground with my camera, I took a deep breath that seemed to draw in a different reality. I looked around to see kids playing the way children could have done here fifty years or so before.

It didn't take much to make the amazing experience I had here - I was just sitting in a field - but all the right elements were there. It was a simple, perfect collage of an entirely different world to the one I lived in. And I was utterly submerged in it.

This picture represents everything I would like my work to do - to take people on a little imaginary journey, simply, and maybe put a little smile on their face at the same time.

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