Jeffrey L. Tucker

Healthcare and Leadership in Carlton, Minnesota

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AUTHOR of "Warmed by Windchill," the story of the rescue of a 9 month old colt found frozen to the ground in a Northern Wisconsin pasture, the efforts to save him, the national attention it created and how many lives the story changed. Despite the tragic loss what I hope each person takes away from this story is that each person matters. There's no longer the excuse "I'm just one person." Just one person can make a world of difference to someone or something in need. That one person just might be you.

MY DAY JOB until recently was working as President & CEO of a network of primary and specialty clinics called Integrity Health Network, LLC. I recently accepted a position with a WI health system that is very much in line with my goals of making a difference - I'm very excited!

TO WORK TOWARDS MY DREAMS, I created Raindance Group, LLC to invest in dreams. In 2014 my partner (and now wife) and I purchased the assets of a candle making company, built its brand and sold it in 2017. We're working hard to turn the lifelong dreaming into doing! Raindance arose out of the sale of my horse farm (Raindance Farms, LLC and Raindance Horse Co., LLC). I sold that property in 2011, keeping only a couple of horses and my sanity. I also kept the name because it meant a lot to me. I had named that proverbial 'horse of my dreams' - Rain, and registered her formally as "A Dance in the Rain". That combined with the experience of standing out in the rain one afternoon and noticing that as it fell around me on that farm on a hill, it swirled and danced...that afternoon Raindance was born. Hopefully you're following your dreams too! If I can help, let me know.

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    • Integrity Health Network, LLC
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    • College of Healthcare Management
    • Upper Iowa University
    • Western Governors University