Jeff Althoff

Entrepreneur in Hudson, WI, US

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Jeff Althoff is an entrepreneur, personal stock trader, and amateur baseball player residing in Hudson, Wisconsin. He has amassed over a decade within the financial industry, always hunting for big financial opportunities and working as a financial analyst or financial manager. He even graduated with his Bachelor's degree in Accounting and finance. He's worked in a number of places, such as UnitedHealth Group as a Financial Analyst, and as a Financial Manager at Ecolab. After some period of time, Jeff decided it was time to create his own business and pursued entrepreneurial endeavors.

His drive and determination for success comes from his experience as an athlete and baseball player. Enamored with the game since a young age, he loves the hustle that goes into the career of a successful athlete. He has used the values baseball instilled in him to further his career at every step of the way. He understands that there is a certain level of hustle that needs to be present in anything that you want to do if you want to be successful. This hustle allows you to keep learning, keep practicing, just like an athlete. Devoting a good amount of time to your craft is the most important part of succeeding in sports, but it can easily be applied to things like entrepreneurship.

He not only watches baseball, but he also has a background of playing it. He's been enamored with the sport since he was a kid, watching the Chicago Cubs on TV. This led to him playing the sport as a young kid, and even playing the sport on his St. Cloud University team. He still makes it a point to indulge in playing his favorite sport, even now.

Jeff Althoff Hunting’s love of baseball doesn’t stop at just watching games. Even with the incredibly hectic entrepreneurial schedule, Jeff always makes special time to play the game. In the summer, Jeff plays for Minnesota’s Delano Athletics, as well as Town Team Baseball. Not only that, but Jeff also played for a North Carolina-based baseball team for a few years as well.

A number of people love professional baseball, but no place has a bigger love of amateur baseball than Minnesota. The camaraderie that happens when you play team sports is one of the main reasons Jeff Althoff Hunting loves playing baseball. He also loves being able to shoot the breeze with his teammates in the clubhouse.

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  • Education
    • St. Cloud State University