Jeffrey Benjamin Attorney

Forest Hills, Ny, US

Dedicated to advocating for consumers' rights, attorney Jeffrey Benjamin has demonstrated his litigation acumen through numerous successful verdicts. He has argued many breach of contract cases, brought claims of deceptive practice, defended collection claims, and filed suit for violations of federal law. In addition, lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin has represented litigants in cases of numerous cases of predatory lending, identity theft, and violations under the New York Deceptive Practices Act and New Jersey Consumer Fraud Truth in Consumer Contract and Warranty Acts.

One major example was when lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin secured a jury verdict in June, 2010 of $200,000 in which the jury included punitive damages, a landmark case of real estate fraud. Over the course of this lengthy and vitriolic litigation, he exposed the defendant as a perpetrator of fraudulent inducement and concealment scheme who also breached his fiduciary duties. He achieved this verdict shortly after achieving another successful verdict the month before in May, 2010 in a case between two construction contractors. Lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin is no stranger to hard work. He continues to pursue those who have tried to deceive others, regardless of the organizational size and resources of the perpetrator.

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