Jeffrey Finegan

Easton, Pa

Jeffrey Finegan, a dedicated philanthropist in Easton, Pennsylvania, has several hobbies and interests, aside from contributing to his community. One of his favorite hobbies is traveling, especially around Europe and places with unique histories. His favorite places to visit in Europe are Florence and Paris, which both provide unique views of the culture through their history and art. Jeffrey Finegan also enjoys traveling around the United States, and he especially enjoys visiting Washington, DC, New York City, and Charleston, South Carolina.

In addition to traveling, Mr. Finegan is an avid reader, often reading four to five books at a time. He most often reads books focused on historical events in America, Europe, and other places around the world. However, he does read fiction books, with the Hunger Games series being of particular interest to him.

Cooking is another passion of Mr. Finegan’s. While he cooks a variety of cuisines, Italian food is one of his favorites. Feeling that cooking serves as a great way to reflect one’s personality, he enjoys seeing the different ways a single recipe can be interpreted by different people.