jeffrey james ircink

Writer and Artist in Greendale, Wisconsin

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actor. playwright, theater producer. blogger. outdoorsman. bitcher. gravedigger. amateur photog & Etsy shop owner. ex-copywriter. self-promoter. was nude in "Hair". arrested once for two unpaid parking tickets. still hold a torch for Brett Favre. i'm an Irishophile & a godfather & i dig Walt Whitman. wear a pinkie ring in honor of DeanMartin & i'm not even Italian. lived in Bel Air for 7 years next to Ronny & Liz & Cheryl T. & Mac D. my short play was adapted into a short film - screened at 37 film festivals (6 awards) & that's cool. a 2nd short play was made into a film in Sydney. that's cooler. majored in Journalism but hate the press. working on a novella - Diary of a Cemeterian. renfaire addict. i believe in God. i treat others as they treat me, enjoy gardening & "sugaring" (the maple syrup one) & i thirst for a well-made brandy old-fashioned sweet with two cherries.

what about you?

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