Jeffrey S. Koslosky

With more than two decades of entrepreneurial experience, Apis Ventures, LLC executive Jeffrey Koslosky possesses a successful career in the financial services industry and aims to do his part to help the less fortunate. Jeffrey Koslosky focuses his philanthropic efforts on supporting veterans of the Vietnam War, furthering cancer research, and providing assistance to those who are underprivileged. A generous donor, Jeffrey Koslosky contributes to the Denver, Colorado-based Men for the Cure Foundation, a nonprofit organization established in 2000 to assist in the fight against breast cancer. Residing in the greater Denver metropolitan area, Jeffrey Koslosky frequently coaches youth basketball, soccer, and football teams to benefit the members of his community. After graduating from Colorado State University in 1987, Jeffrey Koslosky spent 12 years pursuing a broad array of entrepreneurial and business opportunities. In 1999, Jeffrey Koslosky partnered with several financial professionals to found the investment banking firm Regency Financial, spending the ensuing three years managing investment portfolios for a number of Denver businesses. In 2002, Jeffrey Koslosky and other members of the Regency Financial team founded the Regency Group, an investment banking and consulting firm chiefly involved in providing promising start-up companies with venture capital. Following a seven-year tenure with the Regency Group, Jeffrey Koslosky joined Apis Ventures, LLC, where he currently serves as a business management consultant and member of the executive team, overseeing matters pertaining to the firm’s real estate holdings and evaluating investment opportunities. In his leisure time, Jeffrey Koslosky enjoys playing golf and basketball, as well as hunting, camping, and fishing in Colorado’s beautiful natural environment. Jeffrey Koslosky also travels and reads the works of Mark Bowden, Harlan Coben, Hunter S. Thompson, John Grisham, Vince Flynn, and Cormac McCarthy.